Luckily, the Good Housekeeping Institute’s Beauty, Health & Sustainability Lab tested 33 different pairs of tweezers with a consumer panel first. Then, we slimmed down our list to the top performers based on their ability to shape fxtm broker review brows and overall consumer satisfaction — afterward, a brow pro vetted each finalist. Our favorites include both slanted tweezers that felt sturdy and comfortable to hold and pointed tweezers that grab the tiniest of hairs.

  1. Whether they’re part of your regular grooming routine or just something you reach for when you get a splinter, you’ll always be glad to have a pair of pluckers on hand.
  2. While slant tip tweezers are the best for shaping eyebrows, we also tested the best square tip, splinter-removing, lash-applying and rhinestone-applying tweezers.
  3. And even though the point is not as sharp as regular, point-tip tweezers it will still offer enough precision to grab fine hairs and relieve ingrowns and splinters.
  4. This style of tweezer is basically a hybrid of the first two listed — it has the slant, and it has the point, the two features of each tool that make them so sought after.

“They’ve got some weight to them, too, making them feel sturdier,” one tester raved. However, our brow pro didn’t find them as effective at removing ingrown hairs. All of our testers preferred using the slant tip tweezers to remove hair, as they were easy to use for both precision work and removing multiple hairs at a time. They were impressed with their sturdy design and ability to precisely grab hairs. Tied in second place were the Tweezerman and Anastasia Beverly Hills tweezer.

Types of Tweezers & Their Uses

She now calls Santa Monica home but grew up in Minnetonka, Minnesota, and studied writing, rhetoric, and communication at University of Wisconsin, La Crosse. After graduating from UW, she spent one year in San Francisco, where she worked as a writer for fp markets reviews Pottery Barn Kids and PBteen before moving down to L.A. She considers her day-to-day beauty aesthetic very low-maintenance and relies on staples like clear brow serum (from Kimiko!), Lawless’s Lip Plumping Mask in Cherry Vanilla, and an eyelash curler.

Utilizing Tweezers in First Aid

Rather, they have a super arched arm that tapers into a tip that’s reminiscent of the classic slant-tip tweezer. This style of tweezer is basically a hybrid of the first two listed — it has the slant, and it has the point, the two features of each tool that make them so sought after. They’re a fantastic balancing point if you aren’t sure which tweezer is great for you, but they’re also just a great tool to have overall.

What is Tweezers?

If you’re looking to style your hair rather than remove it, check out our reviews of the best flat iron and best hair dryer. We tested the alignment of all of our tweezers by squeezing their tips together and visually noting any discrepancies in their position relative to one another. cmc markets review We thought it was important to include a variety of tip types so that we could determine which tweezers were the best for a variety of tasks. Therefore while some types, such as square tip or round tip tweezers are less popular, we still included them in our testing to be thorough.

Download PDF for Types of Tweezers

This means these tweezers are not only high quality, but they are also sturdy, durable, and easy to clean. If you need to remove ingrown hairs we recommend the Majestic Bombay tweezer, whose sharp tip is precise enough to free small objects from the skin. We had three testers use our blackhead tweezers to remove multiple blackheads. All of our testers agreed that the FIXBODY was easy to use, and applied enough pressure to remove blackheads. Our testers also noted minimal skin irritation when using the pure stainless steel FIXBODY. We put our slant tip, square tip, round tip, and pointed tip tweezers to the test by having four testers use them to remove brow and facial hair.

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