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Pixel 6 will be powered by new Google-made ‘Whitechapel’ chip

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Pixel 6 will be powered by new Google-made ‘Whitechapel’ chip

During an income call the previous fall, Google CEO Sundar Pichai prodded “some more profound interests in equipment” and that there was a “tremendous guide ahead” in 2021. Numerous deciphered that as an affirmation that Google would be building up their own processors, an exertion codenamed “Whitechapel.”

First supposed in mid 2020, Whitechapel is an exertion on Google’s part to make their own frameworks on a chip (SoCs) to be utilized in Pixel telephones and Chromebooks the same, comparable in to how Apple utilizes their own chips in the iPhone and Mac. Google was supposed to be co-creating Whitechapel with Samsung, whose Exynos chips rival Snapdragon processors in the Android space. Google-made ‘Whitechapel’ chip

Per that report, Google would be prepared to dispatch gadgets with Whitechapel chips when 2021. As per documentation saw by 9to5Google, this present fall’s Pixel telephones will surely be powered by Google’s Whitechapel stage. Google-made ‘Whitechapel’ chip

In the report, Whitechapel is utilized regarding the codename “Slider” — a reference we’ve likewise found in the Google Camera application. From what we can sort out, we believe that Slider is a common stage for the principal Whitechapel SoC. Inside, Google alludes to this chip as “GS101,” with “GS” conceivably being another way to say “Google Silicon.”

Taking a gander at different activities associated with “Slider,” we discover the codename is additionally straightforwardly associated with Samsung, including references to Samsung Exynos. From the references, it appears to be that Whitechapel is being created with Samsung Semiconductor’s framework huge scope joining (SLSI) division, which means the Google chips will have a few shared characteristics with Samsung Exynos, including programming segments.

The primary telephones to be based on this “Slider” stage are “Raven” and “Oriole,” two Pixel codenames that we released a year ago. We announced that those two telephones are set to be delivered one next to the other this fall, probably as the Pixel 6 and a telephone that ideally isn’t known as the “Pixel 5a 5G.”

Assembling everything, this present fall’s Made by Google telephones will not utilize chips made by Qualcomm, yet will rather be based on Google own Whitechapel equipment stage with help from Samsung.

Google declined to remark on our story. Google-made ‘Whitechapel’ chip

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