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Samsung’s humongous Odyssey Ark screen is here, however it’ll set you back

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Samsung’s humongous Odyssey Ark screen is here, however it’ll set you back

At the point when Samsung originally declared the Odyssey Ark, back in January 2022, it zeroed in on the way that this gaming screen can be turned aside and utilized in an upward position. Odyssey Ark screen n

In any case, the Odyssey Ark isn’t quite so odd as it at first appeared – however it unquestionably is bombastic.

On Monday, Samsung delivered each of the insights concerning the Odyssey Ark screen and put the screen up for pre-request at the cost of $3,499. At the cost, you get a 55-inch, Mini Led screen with a 3,840 x 2,160 pixel goal. Specs incorporate a most extreme invigorate pace of 165Hz, a 1ms reaction time, and backing for FreeSync Premium Pro and HDR 10+.

Odyssey Ark screen
In Cockpit Mode, the Odyssey Ark imparts wonderment and, to be honest, dread into the eye of the viewer. Credit: Samsung

Indeed, Odyssey Ark screen is a gaming screen totally, yet what makes it different is the size: Samsung says it’s the initial 55-inch screen with a 1000R bend, which is geek represent extremely breathtaking.

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This enormous size permitted Samsung to do a few cool things. On the off chance that you turn the screen upward into Cockpit Mode (as Samsung calls it), it can show three virtual presentations on top of one another. In even mode, you get up to four virtual showcases, so you can consider this thing a multi-screen arrangement without every one of the bezels and the additional links. This is all controlled with the Ark Dial, an exceptional rotating regulator that sits on your table and has its own little sunlight based charger for charging. Indeed, Samsung has taken this gadget to the limit. We would suggest you to visit the product specs and keep track of updates relating to the product.

Credit: Samsung