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Facebook hopes tiny labels on posts will stop users confusing satire with reality

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Facebook hopes tiny labels on posts will stop users confusing satire with reality

Facebook is adding additional labels to posts from Pages that show up in users’ News Feeds in a bid to lessen confusion about their starting point. These labels will incorporate “public authority,” “fan page,” and “satire page.” The organization says it’s now begun testing the arrangement of these labels in the US, and will steadily add them to more posts.

Facebook hasn’t offered any explanation concerning why it’s adding these labels, however recognizing satire appears to be especially significant. Investigate the social offers for any news stories composed by notable sarcastic destinations like The Onion or The Babylon Bee and you’ll discover a lot of individuals fully trusting these accounts. In such a context these posts are basically a sort of misinformation, regardless of whether their makers didn’t expect this. Indeed, even prominent figures like previous president Donald Trump have confused these accounts with genuine reports


This isn’t the first run through the informal community goliath has attempted to make the context of posts in the News Feed more clear. In June a year ago it started naming news sources which are “completely or incompletely under the article control of their administration.” Such outlets need labels, contended Facebook, on the grounds that “they consolidate the impact of a media organization with the essential sponsorship of a state, and we accept individuals should know whether the news they read is coming from a publication that might be affected by an administration.”


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