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Website Development Case Study: Candyland Store


Website Development Case Study:
Candyland Store


Candyland had an online business site, yet it has not been upgraded since 2003. They required a more current site that mirrored their image picture on the web.

Maggie Strickland

/ Group Chief Information – Candyland Store

Candyland was first opened in 1932, St. Paul. Initially named Flavo Korn and selling just popcorn and fudge. In 1950 it was renamed Candyland due to a development of items to incorporate confections and chocolate. Doug and Brenda Lamb assumed control over the business in 1981. They own the rights to the Chicago Mix® popcorn brand.

They dispatched their first eCommerce site in 2003. In 2016, Candyland started looking for another site engineer. They were disappointed with their present engineer for different reasons. Predominantly, it required 48+ hours to make changes to the site and changes were costly. They likewise didn’t have backend admittance to refresh their list or site.



Our solution

1. Save money long-term. 2. Gain back control of their website. 3. Get fast, responsive customer service. Their first objective was to set aside cash over the long haul. Since refreshes were costly, they limited the quantity of updates which hindered the adaptability of Candyland to dispatch new items or discuss successfully with clients. From numerous points of view, they were being held prisoner by their designer due to their high reliance. Their subsequent objective was to get responsive client care. They started working with Milescube Web Design that year.
Through each progression of the interaction Milescube was responsive and available. The group blew away assumptions conveying the new site. The plan was basic and made viable route. Actually, when a client can’t discover what they are searching for rapidly, they leave. The plan was engaging and intelligent of their character as a seller. While the look and feel are significant, there are numerous other backend pieces, (for example, meta-labels) that coordinate with web indexes which additionally sway the viability of the site. Since we use WordPress and have a many-sided information on stage reconciliations, we can choose the one that will fit best for your business. Candyland currently has backend access and they can deal with their own item inventory. The facilitating stage chose was explicitly chosen on its capacity to grow as indicated by the measure of traffic they got. The site dispatched in September 2016 on schedule for the Christmas season. When it dispatched they started being positioned for 187 watchwords, contrasted with the old site, they had 83. In October, they got 5.4K snaps from search traffic each month. Through web-based media they reported the dispatch of their new site and utilized through the remainder of the Christmas season. Basically, due to every one of these enhancements, their online occasion business multiplied.


  • Updated website with modern design
  • Custom design using inspiration from Candyland owner
  • Back end access to manage products and content
  • Ability to add specials, update content, and post on the blog without contacting website developer
  • Immediate increase in number of keywords the website was ranking for
  • Measurable increase in search engine traffic
  • Online holiday order business doubled

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